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(Photos taken June 12, 2007)

Lundberg's Maggie lives on a farm a few miles West of us. Her owner is Ron's cousins. "Maggie" is their ever so special companion farmdog. One that helps keep their farmstead rid of unwanted vermints. She is truly a loved and adored ES that alarms them of any intruders/visitors and yet knows no strangers. Ron is her forever loved "relative" as noted in this photo. Arlin brought Maggie to our place after her annual visit to the Vet's office and when Maggie saw Ron, she did not leave his side. It was well noted there's a special bond between the two even though they only see each other once in awhile. Although this bond started prior to this pup leaving our place it just seemed to continued.

Lundberg's Maggie and our Belle are very much alike other than Belle has more white on her face. Both dogs are the same size and have that fun, loving, want-to-please attitude.

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