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June 28, 2010

Hi Ron & Peg!

It was so nice meeting you both & seeing your place! I knew I loved Copper's looks online but was so impressed with Maggie Mae & Copper's personalities & behaviors! They both came to the driveway when we arrived and barked, checked us and then were friendly. And when we looked at the 12 pups that were born on April 19, 2010, they followed and saw that we were no threat to their pups and let us look at all of them! And what a good looking litter! Healthy, lots of room to romp, very clean and a nice area to view.

A year and a half ago our Black & White English Shepherd passed. We were so pleased with him that we wanted another ES. We have Country Gentleman's Horse & Carriage Service out of Waterloo, Ia. and Duke would herd our 14 horses then and even lead our Percheron horses to the stable or in the trailer.

So as you know it didn't take long for Morris & myself to pick out "Hunter" a dark sable & white,long tail male. His name is now Duke. We've started him out living in our big farm house with us and in the dog carrier at night. He is doing awesome! He must go out every time he wakes up which we keep him so busy that he likes to nap. Duke has been to the Bellevue rodeo with us and we got all positive remarks about his behavior and looks! He travels well, but we keep him in front with us.He's not allowed to be by the steering wheel.

He's pretty good at "come" and will "sit" when I say sit or raise my index finger. I'm working on training him to lead "me" and later will start him with a small quiet quarter horse. He'll sit and "fetch" a ball, even doing a nose dive in his swimming pool to get the ball!

The one thing we really notice is, Duke's head will go down and he'll look up at you like he's looking over bi-focals! So funny! ! He also gets a little treat of milk at morning and night and barks for it when I get the container!

He's more vocal than out first Duke and we like that. Duke was sleeping by himself away from the other pups at your place and I think that showed us that he was very independant! He is very determined and needs a strong leader. He wants to be with us and is already willing to please!

Duke was with us at Cedar Falls, Ia "Sturgis Falls Parade" and I'm sending you pictures of that.
We love our "little Duker" already so much and he's a big part of our lives! Thanks for being so loving & caring with your dogs & their pups! Copper & Maggie have wonderful pups! We have hopes for our Duke on his herding the horses with work and supervision!
You may post this on your web page for updates of puppies!

Thank you!
Linda & Morris Dolph
Waterloo, Iowa

(Below, cropped/close-up from the above photo)
Hunter Duke's baby picture
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