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English Shepherds are intelligent, alert, responsive working dogs. They are exceptionally devoted making them ideal watch dogs. Once bonded to their owners, they have a strong desire to work in partnership with them, whatever the task may be. The English Shepherd is not the type to leave locked up with little to none human contact. As a "working chore dog", they need a home that is willing to give them the much needed exercise. At the end of the day they are content to lie at your feet.

English Shepherds can be headers or heelers, most tend to be heelers, capable of herding and/or working with all types of livestock. Naturally work close to stock in an upright, loose-eye mode. Normally they will adjust the force needed to accomplish the task at hand. Their "natural instincts" are traits that are bred into them, not taught. They are exceptionally smart dogs that learn quickly by following and watching the owner on their daily rounds.

English Shepherds are also a great help on the farm through their excellent tracking, hunting and treeing ability. Ridding property of unwanted predators whether it be coyotes, coons, and/or rodents is a true asset. They do not tend to stray or wander away from home once they learn the boundary lines or perimeters. Most are bossy in nature and if they do not have strong leadership from their owners, they will make their own rules, most often unacceptable ones. These dogs are the best for any farm situation, large or small.

Meet our English Shepherds:


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