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8 weeks old

Darcie is living in the VT/Montreal area. Her new owner lost his 16 year old ES, Nipper and wanted one with some of the same lineage. Darcie will have some huge "paws" to fill but I know she's fully capable of doing so. She's been a number one fan of those that have come to pick up their pup.

6 months old.

November 2007

I've been meaning to write and let you know how Darcie (the Gypsie) is doing. (I call her Gyp... she responds to that best.)

I can hardly believe it has been six weeks already! They have just flown by.

I simply must compliment you on your ability to match pups with people. Gyp has been a perfect fit. She is easy going, mellow, and yet not at all shy (just a little cautious at first with new people). Everyone that meets her simply finds her to be adorable!

Of course she is full of the normal puppy rambunctiousness (everything MUST be chewed on), but so far we have managed to avoid any real damage.

She is turning into a champion fetcher!... (just like her great grand aunt, Nipper!!)
It just amazes me how this little 14 week old puppy will go get, and bring right back a tennis ball after I throw it as hard as I can.

I could go on... and on but really I just wanted to let you know that all is going as well or even better than I had even hoped.

Thanks for everything...



6 months old.

January 2008

Darcie, the Gypsy is doing wonderfully... i'm quite certain no other could have stepped in where my ol' Nipper left off as she has......

Some silly ways she is like Nipper... Like when she is walking in front of me, she still has to keep her eye on me and thus tends to walk into walls, LOL!
And while she will do what i say she still has to get the last word (or groof) in. (hahaha!)

She's all of 45 or so pounds now.... i'm only expecting her to gain 10 or 15 more, slightly smaller than Nipper, but that's fine.

Can't think what else to add right now other than I can't figure how you managed to get all those puppies to sit for that Christmas photo !!!

bye for now.... Andrew

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