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April 2009

DOB: 01/03/06
Shaded Sable/White
Natural Bob Tail
PennHip : 0.36/0.36
MDR1: Normal/Normal
Registration: UKC
My Dad, Mom and Sister
Natural Working Style

Maggie Mae is an incredible asset not only to our lives but as a great farmdog. Here she is scrambling up the East Creek bank with no problem. The photo may not depict the actual depth of this bank but it's very steep, like a 65-70 degree angle. (The creek is frozen, snow covered behind her. )

Add a foot of snow, soft enough to not support her weight, makes that much more strength needed to make the climb.

The dogs love our walk and in this case, cross-country skiing venture half-mile across the field to the Creek. They all run up and down the banks as if it's no work/stress at all. In the summer time they find this creek fun to swim in. And ah yes, how she loves the water!

Maggie is a natural, low-heeler. She helps me by watching the gate as I feed the sheep and horses. When the sheep get close to the gate, she does her lil' "grrrr" as she charges towards them, pushing them back. Her method is like Sasha's and that is to put them all in the small pen and hold them there. Maggie is a gritty little ES and yet she is very soft, easy-going with the chickens as she helps put them in at night.

A very velcro, loving ES with loads of bid-ability and yet she's got that wonderful bossy nature I so love in these dogs. She has a heart of gold, cannot be without her family. When she was 3 months old she helped nurture and "mother" Copper x Sasha second litter of pups as if they were her own. In a short order she won Sasha's heart!

(Photo taken April '09)

Maggie in her height of glory.......this picture shows her true self.

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