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Copper Moving Lambs to the Barn

As the first 4 photos show Copper "bringing 'em to me" as I stood back and watched while he did his thing, the next photo shows him moving them towards the barn. The command "Move 'em" is sorta a new command and yet he picked up on it as if he's known forever.

These lambs are new, hardly dog broke but are getting better each day via our "hanging out" moments. Nonetheless, they still want to run making it all that much more appealing for the dog(s) to run, compounding into a wreck of sorts. I generally use "easy" although seems more successful in moving the chickens than it is with the lambs. So I've converted "easy" into "DON'T RUN".

The last two photos I was very lucky to have captured how my "header" working style dog, Sasha and Copper (who is the natural heeler type) *work* together! Not often I have my camera when I have these moments, so I'm happy to be able to share them here.