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DOB: May 10, 2004
Bred by Sharlyn Dalby
PennHIP: 0.27/0.27
MDR1: Mutant/Normal
Registration: UKC, ESCR, ARF
Natural Working Style

May 10, 2005

Hello Sharlyn,

Copper's 1 year old today! We feel so fortunate to have such a lovely, sweet, attentive ES as he. Thank you for all you've done to make him what he is! Sasha is the boss and he's allowed her that position, making a happy "marriage" between the two of them. He's not shy at all. I remember you saying he was the most outgoing pup and he continues showing that ability. I believe Sasha has also helped his confidence with her bold and bossy nature, setting an example. He also shows great herding ability for he has put back a group of 10, free range chickens all by himself. Ron and I watched from our kitchen window as he methodically kept them all together (a difficult task all on it's own!), moved them from the NW corner to the SE corner of our entire yard, back into the pen where he "thinks" they should stay. He also has moved my two horses from one pen to another b/c he felt they belonged there. He does this with no instructions from us. Pretty cool to watch!

I just can't say enough good things about him! I've attached pictures of him, hopefully these aren't too big for your internet server. Please share them with your mother for I'd appreciate your opinion(s) comparing him to his ancestors. I think he looks like Tally's brothers, Seyjak and the late, Augtu. I also see his great- grandma, Brink's Molly Jo (Buddy's mother) in him.

Thanks again for breeding such a fine dog!!

Ron, Peg and family

August 2008

Copper at 4 years old.

I continually *Thank* Sharlyn and her mother, De Butcher for their long and steadfast input they've done through selectively breeding ES's like our Copper! He's proving himself as a great sire/father as well as a superb individual. He stamps his puppies with his rock solid temperament, disposition, loving attitude as well as his wonderful working instincts. Without his help I'd have far more work dealing with my rams!

I have to also "Thank" Doug Johnson for breeding Partlow's Buddy x Johnson's (Butcher's) Tillie as well as the Partlow's and Marcia King-Brink for breeding Buddy.

Again, Thanks to All for if it weren't for you, we wouldn't have our Copper!

Peg Egertsen
NW Iowa

Here's my Dad!

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