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"DAVIE" now known as SCOUT

October 12, 2007 Hey Peg just a quick note. Scout (Davie) is doing great. We are really pleased with this puppy. We plan on sending you some photos soon. We have had non-stop house guest ever since we got Scout and it probably won't stop until after Christmas so he is getting great socialization with our family. Thanks, Mark & Debbie

November 2007

I have been wanting to send you an email about Scouts progress for some time. We are so pleased with this puppy that I felt you should know….

He is showing all the characteristics that we read about in the E.S. standard. He wants to be right with us all the time. He goes to let the sheep out with me each morning and does it with zest. He is barking at the deer that come up in the evenings and at the occasional dog that wonders onto our property. He is so excited each day when we go for our run on the ATV. He barks for the first 15 minutes or so. He loves it.

He has a good fast recall, his sits are fast and he is not submissive in them but very alert looking

All that being said, one of the big things I wanted was a dog to keep the Herons out of my ponds on each end of my house. The other morning he started barking furiously and was looking in the direction of the lower pond. When we looked in that direction we saw the Heron. I went out with him and urged him on a little bit. He at that point ran toward the pond running the bird off. He kept looking for him for quite some time after that.

Of all the good things he is doing I am most pleased with him keeping that darn bird out of our ponds. We are very happy with Scout. If the other pups in this breeding are as good as he is, you had one heck of a litter.
Mark and Debbie

January 7, 2008

Scout is doing great. I know dogs are like kids and everyone thinks theirs is always the prettiest even if they know it's not. Well, mine really is the best looking guy you have seen in a long time!!!!! LOL. Seriously, he is really impressive looking. I wouldn't think he is over 35 to 40 lbs right now but his structure is very impressive for a dog of his age. We are really pleased with this pup. He has sold us on this breed.
Mark & Debbie

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