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Dozer is now living near Minneapolis. He went to his new home that had a great "teacher", a 10 year old ES, Gabby, a half-sister to Wells' Gypsy Rose making her a great, great-aunt to Dozer.

Dozer has the least amount of "prey drive", a laid-back guy, a real thinker, very bid-able with that "willing to please" attitude. He was always by my side as a pup. He was also the largest pup in the bunch......weighing 15 pounds at 8 weeks old.

As much as he looks like his Grandma (Sasha), I see a lot of his Grandpa Rusty's mannerisms.

Dozer Spring 2008

Dozer always make sure everyone is accounted for. Is very friendly towards people and other dogs but still needs to be disciplined occassionally for jumping up and pulling on his owner's clothes. Dozer is especially affectionate but never settles in for more then a few minutes. He really guards the yard of every critter and animal. The deer know just how far to come in the yard and good luck to the rabbits, squirrels, and birds in Dozer's path!

8 months old, 65 pounds

Dozer Update
From his Owners:

December 2008

We are doing fine and so thankful to have Dozer with us as all of the kids are moved out now.

Dozer has really settled down and in the evening he comes in the house and really relaxes with us. He loves watching TV with dogs in it. Many of his puppy behaviors are very mild now.

Dozer is a much more affectionate dog then our beloved Gabby ever was. He loves sitting real close to us and we can love him up to no end and he never pulls away.

He gets along with all other dogs.

Since Vanessa has moved out she really misses the everyday interaction with Dozer but tries to get home weekly to have her "Dozer time".

~ Dianne

Dozer's Pedigree

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