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Ozzie x Georgie  ~  2022

Above, Ozzie

Ozzie and Georgie produced 5 females and 5 male tri-colored pups on April 30th:





Above: Georgie

Above: 5 Females @ 1 week old

Below: 5 Males @ 1 week old

This is a breeding to preserve the lines within Copper and Maggie , foundation sire/dam of my Cedar Creek English Shepherds, who were two of the best farmdogs we've ever owned!
Their lineage/foundation is from Dorothy Anderson through DeAndre (Bill) Butcher and Darlene (Duane) Merz where the Butcher's and Merz's selected for their individual cattle ranch/farm and family oriented companions.
Rocky adds an extra dose of Dorothy Anderson's English Shepherds through Jim and Ann Beebe's breeding that also brings in some of the Mohn's (Harold & June) English Shepherds.
The Beebe's selected for a good working farm dog for their dairy operation.

I continue to expect predictability, consistency that I've had in my previous litters , creating a high rate of expectability.

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