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Taylor's Peanut X Cedar Creek Emma Lou

Peanut and Emma produced the following puppies, October 8th. ALL ARE SOLD.


Murphy's Missy Boo
Miller's Sissy


Admire's Kip
Webster's Desmond Jones
Renz's Bernie
Dunnigan's Mycroft
Rice's Finnegan
Bonow's Maverick


This litter is a continuation of my goal in producing the working farm dog known by all who've owned and lived with the English Shepherd. In addition to me breeding/raising Emma, I also bred/raised Peanut's sire, Max and maternal grandmother, Hadley . PLUS have met great-great grandparents, grandparents, Uncles/Aunts (including great-great's and great's) and nieces/nephews. With all this info from these wonderful ancestors, I look forward to raising these pups, evaluating like all others, seeing/understanding who they are, knowing what "types" are genetically instilled and absolute.

Farm homes are my primary preferences.

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