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DOB: 9/15/2001
Bred by Claude and Jeanne Wells
PennHIP : 0.39/0.30
OFA Good
MDR1: Normal/Normal
Registered: IESR, UKC, and the performance registry, AWFA

Retired from breeding; Spayed

Sister to:
Meyer's Toast Ghost
Hayner's Bob
Stoney Creek's Band of Gold


Natural Working Style

Sasha is our "top dog" in the family. Many times over she has proven herself worthy. She's powerful enough to help the neighbor push their 2500 lbs. Charlois bull and cows into the barn to be loaded, soft enough towards the baby chicks ensuring they are okay.

Sasha seems to have a Sixth Sense as she has excellent judgment through all facets of life.....knowing and alerting us when anything is out of place.

It was early Spring. I was outside working in the flowerbeds and was alerted by Sasha running and barking frantically off into the field, towards the road. I looked but my first glance didn't see anything or anybody. When she stopped, I focused on a small girl wearing a backpack. She was in our field, not on the road, walking in our direction. Sasha wouldn't obey my commands, all she wanted to do was bark and jump in front of the girl as she made an invisible circle around the child. This gal could not move due to Sasha's antics. After a few minutes Sasha gave into me, came back as I had asked of her.

Come to find out, this little girl was running away from home! It took over an hour for all family members to get her safely back with them as she continued her trek across the fields, following Cedar Creek. I learned a very important lesson that day! Sasha knew through her "Sixth Sense" that there was more to the story than just a child walking through the field.

Before I stop Sasha and/or scold her for doing something I don't see necessary, I do a double take at what she's doing and/or ask her "What is it?". She understands everything I say therefore answering my questions is never an impossible task for her.

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