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Hi Peg,

All is going pretty good. Gus our rat terrier is still trying to adjust to his world falling apart...lol He does good in the morning but by late afternoon he's had about enough of the puppy thing and is snarling. But Shasta (we kept that name) just keeps on him...lol Took her camping with us this last week, She did real well I thought, Was the hit of the campground, She loves that water, I'm including a photo from our trip of her playing in the creek with he kids... (Ledges State Park near Boone)

She's growing fast, can already tell she's bigger. The day Katie took her to the Vet(Friday after we picked her up) he was guessing her at 12-13 weeks... Katie told him "no just 8" his reply was "oh my, she's going to be a big one"

Loves to chew, chew and chew, always telling her NO and then give her a toy or raw hide. Seems to be getting better but have to keep an eye on her all the time. Likes to bark at the sheep through the fence, but inside with me she hangs right around my feet.

~ Steve and family

January 2008

Hi Peg,

Kind of hard to get good pictures of her away from me. Every time I'd say "Shasta" to get her to look at me she'd run over to me and sit at my feet...lol

Shasta's doing great I think. She was actually helpful the other day. Went to get the sheep in and I stood in the middle and was trying to get the ewes into the barn and every time one would try and run around me Shasta would head them off. After about 2 or 3 times of this they gave up and ran in the barn...:)

She is just a beautiful dog.

~ Steve and family